Balaclava 34-58cm, pdf file pattern
Balaclava 34-58cm, pdf file pattern

Balaclava 34-58cm, pdf file pattern

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Pattern for balaclava

- The patterns are made for stretchy fabrics such as jersey.

- The patterns are designed for lining

- Sizes according to head circumference: 34-58cm.

- If you are not ordering anything else, please select as delivery method: 

Pick-up for the seller

- The pattern is ready printed which you will have to tape together by yourself

- NOTE! Deviating from the picture there will be 2 small seams in the front, a little side, not just one in front.


NOTE! You can sew products for sale by paying for a license!

The pattern cannot be passed on to third parties!

You will need fabric the same amount for the upper part and for the lining.

You will need fabric more approx. 1.5cm/ size.

Fabric needed 28cm in size 34cm

Fabric needed 39cm in size 48 cm

Fabric needed 32cm in size 58cm

NOTE: The instructions for sewing are in Finnish only but as a competent sewer you can figure out those quite easily!

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